About us

Berliner Volksbank Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital Fund of the Berliner Volksbank. We support young, innovative companies in their implementation of growth strategies. In doing so, we provide stability, reliability, community and partnership on equal terms. These values permeate our general process of involvement and outline our collaboration with portfolio companies.

Our Philosophy


Berliner Volksbank Ventures is an independent company. We make our own investment decisions autonomously and in isolation from the overall structure of the parent company. Streamlined processes and fast response times are important to us.

Return on investment

The success and increased value of our portfolio companies are of high priority. We are willing to invest along with other investors as either the lead investor or co-investor.


In supporting our portfolio companies, we contribute as a committed shareholder and strategic partner without restricting the entrepreneurial freedom of the company founders. We strive for a sustainable, long term and dynamic culture of participation with several rounds of financing.

Joined forces

We promote a strategic exchange between our portfolio companies and the Berliner Volksbank. Additionally, we introduce our portfolio companies to the network of Berliner Volksbank as well as other companies associated with the cooperative financial group.

How we invest

The digital transformation is irrevocably changing the value chains and structures of all sectors. Your business should actively take part in this transformation by redefining traditional processes and improving sustainability. In the process of shaping the future, we have a special interest in innovative technologies for the small and medium enterprises segment and the financial sector. In addition to the specific business idea, we invest in start-up personalities. We are looking for talented and competent entrepreneurs who can bring their visions to life with passion and assertiveness.

Investment criteria

Investment focus

FinTech, PropTech, Digital business Solutions

Financing stage

Early stage

Initial investment

€250,000 – €1 million

Investment structure

Minority shareholdings as lead investor or co-investor


Europe – we mainly invest in the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg

To implement our investment strategy, we have formed a strategic partnership with Redstone Digital. The team at Redstone Digital consists of serial entrepreneurs and experienced venture capitalists who support our portfolio companies by sharing their knowledge and extended network.

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Business Analyst
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Managing Director
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Business Analyst
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Managing Director
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